El Nino Will be Coming to California – Be Prepared!

El Nino WILL be coming to CA! BE PREPARED!

Be prepared for El Nino! Yes, we have been living in severe Drought conditions for some time, but we should not be complacent – forecasters are warning of a severe storm cycle over 2015-2016 winter season due to the building of major indicators that an El Nino season is imminent!

Malibu, Ventura and Ojai all have major areas subject to flooding and mudslides.  I see many areas that I am concerned about due to overgrowth and neglect to waterways long dry in the drought – this could be subject to flash flooding.

You should be concerned and start preparing for El Nino conditions which may directly affect your living situation.


  • Any hillside condition where your property could be subject to hillside sliding from heavy rains. (When in doubt, have professionals analyze your situation and correct issues as possible urgently).
  • Are you close to a creek or river?  Many of the waterways haven’t been flowing for a few years and attention needs to be really given to make sure that their flow is not impeded by brush or other debris.  Also, they could quickly overflow their normal banks and you should be prepared.
  • Make sure your property and neighborhood drains are clean and fully open, they should be checked regularly so they can be optimally efficient.
  • Have you checked your roof and skylights to make sure your house is watertight?
  • Have you cleared your eaves and their drains.
  • Does water run off have a path that will mitigate damage to your and other’s properties?
  • If living on the beach are you prepared for storm surge and the potential of loss of sand?
  • Do you have an evacuation plan – especially if you have horses or other animals that may need to be moved to safety?
  • Have emergency energy and water supply – a good supply of food and other necessities so you can comfortably live until storm clears.
  • Your vehicle should be gassed and ready at all times for quick evacuation.  Listen to and heed radio and TV evacuation orders and updates and know where you can go.
  • Protect your valuables and memories – most things are just that “things,” but have a plan to safeguard your irreplaceable memories and keepsakes.

MOST FIRE STATIONS HAVE SANDBAGS – GET THEM SOON BEFORE THEY RUN OUT OF THEM! You will still need to fill them with sand and have them handy close to the locations that they might be needed.

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