Vibrant City Soaked in History and Close to Los Angeles – but a World Away.

I sold my family’s estate in Malibu in the beginning of 2015 and moved to Ventura – which is convenient to Malibu.  I intended to move back to Malibu and was working in Malibu – until I realized that I had fallen in love with Ventura and I have gotten so excited about the real estate market here.

I was no stranger to the area, I had previously lived in both the Channel Islands and Ventura harbors, and on Silver Strand beach in Oxnard and a farmhouse in Camarillo. For all west Malibuites, Oxnard and Ventura were where we all had to come for our shopping and service needs, especially back in the day.

For real estate, Ventura excits me so much because I am an experienced rehabber and I see that Ventura has been taking off as finally becoming noticed as an idyllic place to be ‘slightly’ out of the greater Los Angeles area. I immediately saw the opportunity to help Ventura come of age. Many areas are just on the verge of becoming highly desirable areas, they just need a little updating. It is happening as I write this!

In my research, I also liked to see the City of Ventura’s community development – summarized here:

In recent years, Ventura residents have made clear they want a well-planned approach to managing growth. They don’t want continued suburban sprawl paving over farmland and sensitive hillside areas. Instead, we want to improve vacant or run-down properties with high quality “infill” to provide new jobs, new homes and new stores and services. That’s called “Smart Growth: and it is the basis for Ventura’s General Plan.”

In spending time researching the areas I was both pleased and saddened by the development that has happened in the past several years. Pleased by how developed the infrastructure of shopping and convenience are. Pleased by the renewal developing character in several areas of Ventura and also the continued preservation of the old main street and downtown experience. Saddened a bit by the loss of character of some of the Ventura and Oxnard beaches and some of the spreading sprawl as the communities continue to grow.

My focus in Ventura will be also be focused on unique partnerships where my expertise is mutually beneficial to others. I plan on investing myself into a few communities and to participate in honoring the tradition and ambiance of the days past and present:

  • Port Hueneme, Oxnard, Ventura and north county beaches

    – this is an extension of my Malibu beach life and love for the ocean and includes the harbors, being a life-time boater. There is nothing better than the views of the Channel Islands (as well as the excellent access to exploration of the islands).The beach communities are much more affordable than Malibu,

  • Westside and The Avenue

    These communities continue to evolve. Individual properties and communities need help in careful updating and renewal, I feel that I can contribute and there are great opportunities for many, the City of Ventura says it well:

Ventura’s historic Westside is one of the city’s oldest, most economically and culturally diverse neighborhoods — with a highly involved group of community members.  Active in a revitalization plan, community members are helping toward the goals of protecting the character, history and small-town feel of the Westside.  The Tortilla Flats Mural, installed in 2008, honors the families who once lived in and around the Westside Ventura neighborhood known as Tortilla Flats.”

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  • Historic Downtown and Main Street

    Ventura has carefully preserved Main Street’s charm and I am so happy that I now have my office right there – it is so special to browse the restaurants, shops and other activities.  Someone came into the office today, she lives in Pasadena, and she was just here for the day, but she was just in love with it already…”We will definitely be back.” This is a common reaction.


    You just have to come to see for your self.

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  • The Lanes, the Pier, the Beaches, the Harbour

    The deep sandy beaches…beach communities…the boardwalk…the harbour…

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  • Mid-Town

    Many of the original homes from the beginning of Ventura are in mid-town.  Spanish, Victorian, Craftsmen, and others create the ambiance of Ventura.

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  • The Hillsides

    Oh the views…Channel Islands, the Harbor, the City…

Note: There are many great neighborhoods in Ventura and surrounding areas that are not mentioned here, but ask and I will advise.
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